Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is integral to any online marketing strategy. SEO should be at the crux of your expanding virtual presence. Within the scope of search engine optimization, local SEO is the most important strategy. Unless you optimize your online presence, which includes all websites, social media profiles and any other presence you have such as video channels or classified listings, according to the areas, town, city, state or country where you are based and thus cater to, your website may not be able to capitalize on the full potential of its optimization.

Why Local SEO

Relevance is the buzzword today. An easy way to iterate or reiterate relevance is local SEO. Imagine a scenario wherein a company based in Denver optimizes its website but fails to cater to local SEO requirements. The company website will be categorized according to its niche or industry, the website content will be ranked according to the level of optimization and the keywords targeted and the entire website will be indexed and tracked to monitor its traction or traffic, back links and all online reference to accordingly place it in search engine result pages. Even if the website does manage to gain a desirable rank, it would still miss out on the advantage that local SEO brings along, which is getting the website displayed for people in Denver searching those keywords.

Cold traffic or unqualified traffic is no longer desirable or useful. A business needs its users to check out its website and thus products, services or offers and a target audience would always be location centric. If a target audience spans across a nation, then such a company should target all key cities and states and not just the country. If a target audience is limited to a town or district, then the company needs to use local SEO to show up in the search results for the people living in that town or district. In effect, local SEO gets potential customers or qualified leads.

Local SEO will help a company to get its website rank faster and higher. Search engines like Google and Bing don't want to put up a list of search results based on keywords any more. They focus on the area where an internet user is based and display results of websites, companies or solutions that are optimized for that area. Local SEO is a fantastic way to get displayed on the first page of search engine results.

Need help? Many advertising agencies have local optimization specialists.