Mobile Marketing Begins With a Responsive Website

A responsive website has a mobile friendly web design or a responsive web design. A mobile friendly website should be compatible on mobile browsers and smaller displays. Traditionally, websites have been designed with monitors used with full sized desktops in mind. The aspect ratio needed, the browsing medium and the display resolution of monitors dictated a certain approach to website development. All these factors undergo a change when you switch from a desktop or even a laptop screen to a tablet or mobile device. A mobile friendly web design is thus a responsive design which will fit into any screen of any size and of any resolution without any errors showing on the web pages.

If a website doesn't have a mobile friendly web design then your website may not be fully viewable on mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. Even if your website loads onto the mobile browsers, it may not load properly. The website may seem odd, the layout may be confusing, the fonts may be out of place, the contents may not be aligned improperly, most features of the website may not function, the links may not work and in effect, your website may not be viewable or usable.

You need a mobile friendly web design because more and more people are using mobiles and tablets to browse the internet. Your company's target audience is more likely to check out your website or websites of your competitors using a mobile device than using a desktop or laptop. Without a mobile friendly web design, your website will be unavailable on all such devices and thus your company and what you have to offer may be inaccessible for this target audience.

However, given the preference of people who browse websites and the myriad types of online content using mobile devices, it is important to have a mobile website to facilitate the ease of use of the website. It is possible that a company may consider having an app which may work better than a mobile website but it has to begin with a responsive design. One certainly wouldn't do away with the traditional website and it is wiser to have one responsive website for all browsers and devices than having two or more websites.